Why Vebo?

Running a business in todays competitive environment has its own challenges without you worrying about the IT side of things. The hard part is finding the right IT support that you can have faith in to do the best for your business. If you’re looking for a diligent friendly team who will go the extra mile no matter your project then Vebo is for you. Vebo is a growing New Zealand based IT solutions provider. Our goal is really to help customers succeed through empowering them with cutting edge IT solutions. We’re a tight-knit team who understand that each business is unique and we approach projects with this in mind to deliver a truly state of the art customised IT solution perfect for you.

No matter what the business goal or the size of the project, we work with you to give you exactly what you need to enable your continued success.
team made up of who you need

How we work

We take the time to work with you from the start to understand your business identity, goals and how you do what you do. This is an important step of how we work as by understanding your business, we’re able to better cater the right IT solution for you.

Depending on your requirements we find the right solution and support for your business and can provide recommendations on where things can be improved to be easier, faster and more effective.

We strive in providing you with the confidence that your business is being taken care of by IT specialist that you can trust to get exactly what you need.

Step 1
We discuss the project requirements with you, finding out exactly what you need
Step 2
Plan the project and agree upon a given specification
Step 3
We select the right specialists for each component of the project
Step 4
We manage the project and provide you with updates and feedback
Step 5
Test each component and make sure it meets specifications
Step 6
Hand over the solution to you and if required provide ongoing support