Web based VoIP Solutions

Do you want your customers or colleagues to be able to talk to you? Well with browser technologies constantly improving there are a variety of solutions available to allow you to have chat or video conferencing right in your browser.  You might want to add phone calls, video support, messaging  or provide video tutorials, all from your site. Take advantage of instant communication to improve your business through an easy and fast solution.

A great business is built on great communication


Allow users to call, message or video chat using only their browser. Increase customer satisfaction and retention through improved communication. Lets not forget this is overall a cost effective solution as it allows you to make low cost calls.

Web-based VOIP solutions we offer

Recommendations on appropriate VOIP solutions that fit your business needs

Establishing browser-based instant messaging, video or non-video calling

Updating existing VOIP solutions to improve user experience, speed etc

Fast clear communication is crucial for customer satisfaction in todays market. Give your business the boost it needs by taking advantage of this easy to use tool. Contact us for a free quote today.