Here at Vebo we are passionate about startups, there is nothing like creating something new and guiding it to success. With experience with multiple start-up companies, organisations and the entrepreneurship field you can be confident that we know how to help your business take flight. We can help right from the beginning from technical set-up, system automation, inexpensive solutions for technical requirements, testing business assumptions, and of course pivoting to target the right market.

Have a great business idea that just needs an experienced hand?

The Right Guidance

Having gone through the start-up experience, we know the importance of gaining momentum in the early stages as well as receiving the right guidance to achieve your goals. We also understand the financial limitations that early stage start-ups face which in many cases lead to project termination. With this in mind we offer special rates for such start-ups as well as equity based alternatives to help get you through this difficult stage.

Start-up solutions we offer

Help design your minimum viable product (MVP) so you can get out and gain traction

Implement A/B testing to help you develop your product for the people that want it

Make quick iterations of your product using a user driven development strategy

Speed up development and reduce your burn rate by moving fast

We’re passionate about start-ups we have been through the Lightning Lab business accelerator and are involved in various startups. Let us help you take the next step. Contact us today to discuss your start-up.