Have a project in mind? No time to do it efficiently, or is it beyond your skill set?

Here at Vebo we take on all sorts of software projects and we don’t believe in locking you into something just because that’s all we work with. Instead we help you make the best technology choice to suit your business. Having such a variety of projects allows us to expand our knowledge on both tried and true, and cutting edge technologies. Below are just a few examples.

Vebo is here to help…

Web Development

Are you looking for a new website or want to customise your current site to suit new requirements? We can help you with all aspects of web development from creating a complete site to resolving debug issues as well as content management system (CMS) customisation.Read more…

Whole sites built to support your business requirements.

Web based solutions to support your business processes.

Theme and template creation and modification to suit your needs.


Here at Vebo we are passionate about startups, there is nothing like creating something new and guiding it to success. With experience with many start-up companies, organisations and the entrepreneurship field you can be confident that we know how to help your business take flight. Depending on your needs we can help right from the beginning from technical set-up, system automation, in-expensive solutions for technical requirements, testing business assumptions, and of-course pivoting to target the right market. Read more…

Help you define the best possible MVP (Minimum viable product) for your target market

Quickly implement your MVP so you can get on with validating your product

Help you make changes on your product using a user driven development strategy


Haven’t taken the plunge into selling products online? Let us help with this big step and open up this massive market for you! If your products and services are online then it is crucial to make sure the process is seamless and easy for customers to have a great experience and hence come back for more! Read more…

Increasing Sales by accessing a larger market

Gain more customers with search engine visibility

Overcoming geographic issues for customers

Lower running costs, reduce physical shop and staff needs

Open all the time to be convenient for customers

Mobile Application Development

With every great company it’s almost becoming necessary to have a supporting mobile app. Considering more people now use mobile devices to access the internet than desktop devices why not use this to interact with customers and increase your market share through this simple easy to use solution? Read more…

Have a target market with a high mobile usage, why not take advantage of this?

Integrate into your clients day to day lives to increase retention.

Improve customer engagement, interacting more effectively than other marketing channels.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Just like a physical store you can get better traffic depending on your website ranking in search results. Using clever SEO we can improve your ranking in search results to attract more visitors to your site which gives you a greater opportunity to push your product or service. Read more…

Improve where your site appears in the search results

Increase traffic to your site

Customize so you can focus results based on your target market

Cloud Services

Cloud solutions has been popular over the last few years and for good reason. Through the cloud you are able to benefit from not needing physical servers which allow you to scale up easily. Removing physical servers also cuts costs as well as eliminates the need of expensive ongoing maintenance. Read more…

Move your services to the cloud to benefit from lower operating costs

On the road? Access your systems from anywhere

Scale your online services quickly to support bursts of users

Web based VoIP solutions

Do you want your users to be able to talk to you? Well with browser technologies constantly improving there are a variety of solutions available to allow you to have video conferencing right in your browser.  You might want to add phone calls, video support, messaging  or provide video tutorials, all from your site. Read more…

Allow users to call/message you using their browser

With improved communication, increase customer satisfaction and retention

Cost effective solutions for making low cost calls.

Consulting Services

Unsure what IT solutions can give your business the edge it needs. Our specialist are happy to discuss possible IT solutions with you depending on your business needs. Wither your goal is increasing profit, efficiency or simplifying processes, we’re here to help. Read more…

Want to see if there is an easier more cost efficient way to run your IT section of your business

Join, simplify, or even remove process’s from your day to day work flow

Find new IT opportunities that your business can use to increase business

Need help with something else that isn’t listed above?

Because of the huge variety of technologies, there are countless other IT solutions and therefore it’s very difficult to list them all. Contact us and we will endeavor to find the right solution for your business challenges.