Welcome to Vebo, your local software specialists

Here at Vebo we are passionate about NZ businesses. We can provide a variety of Web and Mobile based software solutions such as building web applications, creating mobile apps, and much more. Our aim is to offer cost effective strategic IT advice to businesses across New Zealand.

It’s as simple as working together on your business strategy and IT challenges. Together we will plan cutting edge technological solutions to empower your business.

Simply put, you can focus on what you do best in your business and we do what we’re best at on the IT side…
Makes perfect sense!

Here are a few things that we offer

Consulting Services

Unsure what IT solution can give your business the edge it needs. Our specialist are happy to discuss possible IT solutions with you. Whether your goal is to increase efficiency or simplify processes, we’re here to help.

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Web Development

With Vebo lets make the right kind of impact for your business online. Are you looking for a new website or just want to customise your current site to suit new requirements? 

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Mobile Development

With every great company, it is becoming necessary to have a supporting mobile app. Apps are a simple and easy solutions to use to interact with customers and increase your market share.

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Our E-commerce based solutions range from multi-currency online systems, promotional sites to automated online-selling portals. We can change current systems to suite you better or put in place a brand new system customised to your needs.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The online world is filled with great websites that never reach their audiences. This is because having a great online presence is one part, the other is to make sure that people can find you online easily through clever use of SEO.

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Cloud Services

Todays business world is all about being efficient and acting fast. This is only possible by taking advantage of the cloud as you’ll be able to access the information you need whenever and wherever you are.

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Web VoIP Solutions

Do you want your customers or colleagues to be able to talk to you? With browser technologies constantly improving there are a variety of solutions available to allow you to have chat or video conferencing right through your browser.

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Here at Vebo we are passionate about startups, there is nothing better than creating something new and guiding it to success. With experience with multiple start-up companies, organisations and the entrepreneurship arena, you can be confident that we know how to help your business take flight.

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